Denis Law interview 28/12/15

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Would your team have beaten the present one?

DL Yeah. 1-0 I think.

Why so close?

DL Well most of us are in our 70s now.


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Yeah, That's how we felt as well. Pic D.Mirror

Man City

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Pic. Theo's wonder strike. Source D. Mirror.
Such a professional performance and very similar to that played at Man City earlier this year. Let them have the ball, squeeze them dry, defend as though your lives depended on it and break fast. I can’t think of one member of our squad who won’t wake up cream crackered this morning. Theo, not renowned for his willingness to defend, was a revelation.

Aston Villa

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Why did it take so long for the penalty to be awarded? Source D.Mirror

Nothing like being top of the league. Now if we can only stay there.
To be honest, I had the feeling that we decided that a quiet day out was the cure for over exertion on Wednesday. So we never really got out of second gear with the exception of Rambo who was in very special form.


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The lads looked good, played better. Pic Courtesy Daily Mirror

Wasn’t that good to watch? Everyone’s favorite to go into the Thursday night special thus making Arsenal devotees of ITV’s Lewis or Fifth Gear (do we have any?) miss their programmes, the lads put on a great performance. Professional, well disciplined and with a joie de vivre it was rare that they, the travelling fans and us soap box watchers had truly heart stopping moments. Petr continued his fine form when needed but our magnificent BFG with his soul mate the BFF saw to it that little got past.


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Pic Yet another great save from Petr.


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Two in a week for Oz. Source Daily Mirror

This was a predictable and unnecessary loss of 2 points and 2 players. Why tempt the fates when you have previous experience of bad things happening when…..

a) It’s November


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Pic: A blue moon incident...diving header from Oz. Source D Mirror

A 3-0 win at the Grove was the best since walloping ManU by the same score. It kept hopes alive that we might make it through given a good win at Olympiakos. A major incentive seeing that the alternative is a Thursday night fixture list in the Europa. Given our record in Piraeus it will not be easy. Unlike this game.


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Pic. Merely demonstrates what we all felt

Can I really improve on AW’s comment? …“It was a very bad afternoon for us,” said Wenger. “We had 70% possession, scored an own goal, missed a penalty, gave away a goal on a set piece and missed open goal chances – that’s perfect to make the afternoon a nightmare.”

Well I suppose he could have said it was possession, with no reward, again. Penalty; Post; Plonker; Problem; Pestilence and Plague….all of those Ps summarized in one word by Phuck. The attachment says what we all felt.

Tiny Tots

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Kieran equalizes..not the worst time to get your first goal in years! Source Sports Mole