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Pic. Calum scores a cracker. Source D.Mail.

FA Cup - Burnley Home - Saturday 17:00 @ Brazenhead in Fourways, Leaping Frog Centre

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Ah well so much for the “Revenge time” I expected against Chelsea last weekend, looks like we’re going to have to wait another year before that happens. I’ll just put that thought on a piece of paper and file it away for the appropriate time. As Charles Dickens wrote “Vengeance and retribution require a long time” and it would appear that last weekend the dish was not yet cold!


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Pic. One of the better sights of the day. Source D Mirror


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Pic. Rambo putting up with Neanderthals. Source D Mail

Watching the ‘Pool Manu game it seemed that we took more out of ‘Pool than they took out of us. Given our record at Stoke, a 0-0 draw that could easily have been 3-3 but for both keepers who were really good, was no bad performance. But the third disappointment of the week, 4 points dropped then THE “signing” announced by Arsenal.com. “Bank Muamalat” …who the bloody hell is he and how did he slip under the radar? My excitement at another AW signing was somewhat sharply dashed when finding out that this was an Indonesian bank!

Stoke City Away - Sunday 18:15 @ Brazenhead in Fourways, Leaping Frog Centre

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Pic. Olly scores our 3rd. Great skill. Courtesy D. Mirror

Yet another roller coaster at Anfield. Yet another 2 points gone courtesy of a last minute ‘pool equalizer. Bugger.
But in fairness a draw a fair result albeit that we should have made the game safe before inexplicably retreating into a what we have, we hold mode. Or were the scallies just that fraction quicker? For sure they had by far the best of it in the last 25 minutes or so.

Liverpool Away - Wednesday 22:00 @ Brazenhead in Fourways, Leaping Frog Centre

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Sunderland FA Cup 3rd round

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Joel gets a well deserved equaliser. Source D. Mirror

Arsenal rang the changes with Ozil, Rambo, Nacho, Per and Flamster missing or on the bench. In fairness, it didn’t seem to make all that much of a difference early on and whilst we were playing neat football chances created were few. Best of the lot was Kieran’s whose shot was well saved by the debutant Sunlan keeper. Olly was doing his normal bit, holding up the ball but was let down to a large extent by Theo who wasn’t overly ambitious.


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Pic. A bright spot from a rough day. Courtesy Woolwich Arsenal 1886

For once “1-0 to the Arsenal” rings a bit hollow. It’s very odd how much of a problem we’re having with the lower sides versus the relative ease with which we’ve been beating the top sides. For many seasons it’s been totally the other way round.


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Pic. His first goal for Arsenal. How happy was his celebration. Source D. Mirror.

Had it not been for Oz , Gabriel would have got MOM by a long way. His defensive role was brilliant and his attacking, one goal and one post first class. Doubtless Per will wonder for a long time how he managed to miss the rebound off the post. That would have put us 2-0 up in a half where Oz created so much havoc in the Bournemouth defence that going in for half time only one up, seemed very poor reward.