Watford Home - Saturday 16:00 @ Brazenhead in Fourways, Leaping Frog Centre

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Pic. Alex Iwobi nails his first senior goal. Many more please. Source Arseblog.

Well, well. According to the statistics we had less possession than Everton; committed more fouls; had less corner kicks and ran off-side more frequently. What game was I watching? Why does the thought that many of our players will be carrying bruises the size of soup plates occur? Sod it, I must be getting old.


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Pic. Mo gives us hope. Now he has his shooting boots on, continue ! Courtesy D Mirror

I woke late this morning to find all of my thoughts on the game had been written by Andrew Nichol of Positively Arsenal http://positivelyarsenal.com/2016/03/17/arsenal-distant-peaks-glimpsed/c...
What point in duplicating and straining the two fingers that are used to type mine?
This is his verbatim report which I unashamedly pass on to you.


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Welbz puts us back with a hope. Source Daily Express

Hull FA Cup 5th round Replay

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Olly gets his second. Source D. Mirror

Progress but at a price. Three injuries to key players were not at all welcome. Hopefully none of them are serious.


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Showing hen's teeth ain't confined to the spuds. Pic. D. Mirror

Snakes and ladders, ladders and snakes. Talk about up and down like an whore’s drawers. For the first 20 minutes or so the spuds seemed to be attempting to play football whereas we were playing kickball, anything to get the ball away from our half. It was not an inspiring sight,
As a result, there may be some around who thought that our taking the lead ….when Rambo calmly (for the first time in the match) side footed Hector’s cross cum shot into the net….was a bit of a bloody cheek.


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Joel opens the scoring. Source D. Mirror

When you watch your best player on the night being substituted, the question must be asked if it is just the players who are not performing. Not only did it leave Mesut nobody to pass to with the hope that something positive might arise, but it left us with a punch drunk bunch who might well be embarrassed by a championship side based on the way we’re currently playing.

Swansea Home - Wednesday 21:45 @ Brazenhead in Fourways, Leaping Frog Centre

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Man United

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Pic. Yes, you have a great deal to think about.

I think we have to face the fact that at least one, if not two, of our “stars” need to be benched…one maybe not even making it to the bench. Both are guilty of losing/giving away possession far too frequently…and neither are scoring.
But it’s not just two guilty,: how did we lose the tenacity, the speed of thought, movement into space and the real will to win, which I fear was missing today? It’s almost a case of if our first attempt doesn’t score, we go into a shell. Hermit crabs.

Manchester United Away - Sunday 16:05 @ Brazenhead in Fourways, Leaping Frog Centre

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It’s been something of a debate this season as to what competition we should be targeting. There’s the FA Cup, can we make it three consecutive victories? There’s the Champions League, we’ve never won this and it is a gaping hole in Arsene’s CV. There’s the Premier League. Last won in the 2003/04 season, 12 years ago.