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Pic. The latest 1-0 winner in our history? Courtesy D Mirror

Having watched most of our ‘1-0 to the Arsenal’ games it is no lie to say that this was probably the closest finish we’ve experienced with no time to even kick off after Kos’s winner… or was it Ox’s winner? Whatever it was it must be termed our scrappiest goal of the season and Burnley supporters will argue that off-side and/or hand-ball should have been called. Incorrect of course, it was 1-0 to the Arsenal and that is never wrong.


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Theo grabs our second. Pic courtesy of D Mirror.


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Pic. As good a sight as any. Come-uppance time. Source. D Mirror.

Thoughts of an old fart.
At my age, orgasms should be confined to the depth of memory. Shamefacedly I can admit that to experience ten in 45 minutes really was beyond my prowess. But yesterday proved it was possible. Different circumstances admittedly, but the experience was as good as any.

Notts Forest

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Pic. Another 30 odd yard goal from Granit. Source Arsenal.com.

Four is such a nice number. It would be no hardship to suffer that in our goals for column for the rest of the season.
Equally seeing new faces (or rarely seen faces) emerging is often a great confidence booster that we have a well of young talent busting a gut to make it to first team status. As Steww points out in his excellent article at https://positivelyarsenal.com/2016/09/20/arsenal-versus-forest-keeping-t...


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Pic Granit scores and celebrates Source Mail

Isn’t it great when at last you see all the potential of a young player arrive in the space of 5 days? Young Alex shone like Lighthouse of Alexandria yesterday. To my mind, his performance left all his others way behind. Hopefully it’s not just a flash in the pan. When you see him outperform such as Mesut and Santi all previous concerns have an ability to disappear with the admission that AW was right again. Still not sure of Alexis in the middle though! (and certainly not as a penalty taker for Arsenal!)


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Pic Alexis equalises Source D Mirror


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Pic. The first of the 2 fouls on Olly. Courtesy Arseblog.

Arsenal Legends 4 Milan oldies 2

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Pic: Kanu on for less than a minute and gets his first. From Arsenal FC

Old fart's thoughts on the legends.
What a pleasure to see many of the old faces. Obviously no where near as fast as in their prime but showing many of the silky skills of their youth. Mark O, Manu Petit, Kanu, a near unrecognisable Bobby Pires, Freddie L,and Spunky brought back some good memories. Such a pity that the two great saves (one by Spunky, the other by Jens) fell so kindly for Milan to get the 2 goals.
Kanu's hat-trick and Bobby's closer had me cheering as though it was last week's game.


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Pic Our best goal of the day. Courtesy D Mirror


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Pic; Great tackle from Kos Courtesy D. Mirror

It’s a good thing that Mark Clattenburg was reffing and not me. I would have handed the Foxes two penalties. Just one slo-mo review however, and the first of these showed that it was a really good decision as Kos did brilliantly. Indeed, Kos was a star throughout and guided young Holding through the game, Vardy and Mehrez were very much neutralized. As for the second let’s just say that 6 reviews on both slo-mo and real time make me very glad that Clattenburg did the whistling. On the whole though, he whistled well.