Waste of time for Blue Merseyside!

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My mate was going to book the transfer deadline day off work so he could watch Sky Sports News.

Then he realised he supports Everton.

Haha! Easily Injured

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BREAKING NEWS - Owen Hargreaves' move to Manchester City has broken down amid another injury scare. He fell out of the transfer window.

Want Owen?

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Mancini sign's Owen Hargreaves,

He's too embarrased to say it out loud.

Dumb Dumb Dumb!

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Colleen Rooney say's to Wayne ,"Knock knock"

Wayne goes to answer the door.

Hooded Spurs

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Just seen a youngster wearing a hoodie in Tottenham High Road....

Not sure if he's about to join Spurs or wants to go Luton

St Patrick

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"You needn't think you're going to slob around the house all day you know".

"I'm on holidays. I can if I want".

"You insolent pup, you can get out at once and do those chores I set for you".

"But Daaaaad ..."

"Don't you 'but Daaaaaad' me. There's work to be done".

"Awww, can't I just-"

"No, you can not. Get out of here or I'll take the big stick to you.
You're not old enough that I can't give you a sound thrashing".

"All right. All right. I'm going".

"And don't come back until it's all done".

"All of it? That's gonna take ages!"

Scum or the League

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I've been building a collection of football hats for a few years now.

I have head wear for most of the premiership clubs, but still need 2 more items to complete my collection.

So if anyone has the Tottenham scull cap or a Liverpool balaclava, please let me know.

Crash and Burn

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So I hear Birmingham fans will be taking flares to the Carling Cup Final on Sunday.

They're the same ones they wore last time they went to Wembley....

All the money in the world can't help!

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Sheikh Mansour and Bobby Manc stroll into a pub after another unsuccessful result at Man City and decide to drown their sorrows at the bar. They order 5 bottles of the most expensive champagne, 4 double vodkas and 8 trebles! The barman charges them for the drinks and says "Now would u stop trying to buy Trophies!!"

Who really likes United...?

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Just getting ready for the Man United Vs Marseille game.

The wife said, "I know you're an Arsenal fan but you are English. Don't you think you should be patriotic and support the English team in Europe?"

I just gave a Gallic shrug, adjusted my beret and lit up another Gitanes, before settling down onto the Chaise Longue I've hired for the evening.

"To be honest love I just want to see a good game of football. Go and check on the Coq au Vin will you?"