Deadline Day

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Transfer Deadline Day is like sex, two months of graft, one day of glory, one second when everything completely explodes and two days of checking if everyone's okay.

The team with no history

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Some terrible news just in from Stamford Bridge and it's bad news for Chelsea fans.

There is still no one stupid enough to buy Kalou.

Big names, Big Clubs

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Shaun Wright Phillips calls QPR a big club.
A golf club is a big club to Shaun Wright Phillips.

Dirty games at Anfield

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Craig Bellamy: I want to use this club to become a lethal attacker again.

Does he mean golf or football?

Big Names

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All these people moaning about no big name players on deadline day - Shaun Wright - Phillips has 19 letters.

Maybe so!

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It's finally happened for arsenal. I could see all their fans cheering as the news was announced.

Bendtner has gone.


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BBC Sport "Beckford excited by foxes"

I though beastiality was illegal...

Out of captivity

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Blackburn have released El Hadji Diouf...back into the wild, presumably.

How to tick off Sky Sports

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If I was a footballer, I'd drive round loads of grounds on Deadline Day, just to piss off the Sky Sports News reporters.

Man U loses striker to idiocy!

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Wayne Rooney signed for Saracens rugby club today.

He took a 100K a week pay cut when he found out they had hookers on the playing staff.