Taking a leaf out of the Man City Manual

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My wife threatened to leave me because of my addiction to Football Manager.

So I fined her two weeks wages and put her on the transfer list.

Adebayor... He's a whore!

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Harry Redknapp has heart attack.
That's the last time he looks at Adebayors wage slip.

The keeper test

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"I kicked a football as hard as I could at my girlfriend yesterday."

"Why'd ya do that?"

"I had to see if she was a keeper"

J.T v Arsenal

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John Terry's racism charge is comparable to his team's performance against Arsenal

No defence whatsoever

All be Mancs

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A teacher is going around her class asking the kids who they support.
Several of the kids say Man U until she gets to Johnny. 'ARSENAL!' He exclaims.
As a Man U supporter herself, the teacher asks, 'Why Arsenal, Johnny?'
He replies, ' Well, me dad supports the Arsenal, me mum supports the Arsenal, so I support them too.'
The teacher replies, ' Well if your father was a retard and your mother was a retard, what then, would that make you?'
Johnny smiles sweetly and answers...

'A stupid Manc like you miss!'

Hello Mr. Sitter

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Breaking News!!! after entering the locker room, Torres held a gun to his head and tried to shoot himself but he missed that too!

Classy 'Arry

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It's amazing how much transfer dealing Harry Redknapp can do hanging out a car window

Titus thought he had a choice

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"Titus Bramble - I'm going nowhere"

Cheer up Titus, you can still get better.....

This was a goodie!

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The thing that really disappoints me about this transfer window is that with all the rumours and all the innuendo I didn't get to see the headline.

"Lille issue Hazard warning"

Tough life for Stoke

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Sky Sports News reporter "Where else would you find several hundred stoke city supporters gathered around at 10 past 9?"

Job Centre on Giro day?