Musical Gunners

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Gilberto - plays the mandolin
Julio Baptista - strums the ukulele, guitar and banjo
Denilson - enjoys playing a Portuguese hand drum
Tony Adams - plays the piano
Ian Wright - released his own single ‘Do The Wright Thing’ in 1993

For Starters

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Beween them, Frank Mclintock and Tony Adams played 1,072 games for Arsenal, captained the team to numerous trophies and became legends to the supporters in the process. However, each player had a difficult start to his Arsenal career.

Frank Mclintock joined Arsenal in 1964 and made his debut against Nottingham Forest. During the match, Mclintock misplaced a pass and the ball went straight to Forest's Arsenal old boy John Barnwell, who scored one of the goals in Forest's 3-0 victory.


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'Cancel close-season game in Germany.'

Arsenal FC board meeting minutes, 13 April 1939

Quick Cup Facts

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* In the victorious 1970/71 FA Cup campaign, Arsenal were not drawn at home once. However, two of their ties - Portsmouth in the fourth round and Leicester in the sixth round - ended in draws, which meant the ties had to be replayed at Highbury.
* Arsenal were the first team to win both the FA Cup and the League Cup in the same year - 1993 - beating Sheffield Wednesday on both of the occasions.
* Arsène Wenger is the only Arsenal manager to win the FA Cup more than once.
* Mr Wenger also led Arsenal to five successive FA Cup semi-finals between 2001 and 2005.

Manure loss

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To all my Gooner brethren ,hurting and teased after THAT loss--we can remind Manure of their loss in the 1996 campaign when they shipped 6 goals against the TOONS!


Gilberto signs for Colchester!

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Readers may recall the story of the giant anteater who lived at London Zoo and was named Gilberto. The 120-cm (4-foot) long anteater earned his name when Arsenal supporter Peter Findlay won a competition to sponsor the animal.

Since then, in an exciting transfer move, Gilberto the anteater has moved from London to Colchester Zoo. It is hoped that he will one day father future generations of anteaters.

How Bizarre!

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Arsenal beat Sheffield United 3-0 on 23 September 2006. All three goalscorers that day shared the same birthday - 17 August. William Gallas and Thierry Henry were both born on that day in 1977, while Phil Jagielka, who scored an own goal, was born on that day in 1982.