School friends

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Former Arsenal midfielder Stewart Robson went to the same school as television presenter Noel Edmonds (Brentwood). England midfielder Frank Lampard also attended.

Pizza Excess

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A quick look at the past and present Arsenal players’ favourite toppings:

Patrick Vieira - Pepperoni
Sebastian Larsson - Ham and Beef
Alexandre Song - Bolognese
Theo Walcott - Four cheese
Robert Pires - Mushrooms, egg and ham

Other people called Arsène

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Arsène Lupin - A fictional character appearing in the works of French crime stories by Maurice Leblanc.

Arsène Oka - A footballer from the Ivory Coast currently playing in the Major Soccer League (MLS) in the US.

Arsène James - A St Lucian Politician.

Arsène Houssaye - A 19th-century French novelist and poet.

Arsène Roux - A 20th-century language expert.

Wenger Innovations

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Training under Arsène Wenger became a whole new experience for the Arsenal players when he first arrived. Sessions were short and sharp and every activity was timed to the second by the stopwatch-brandishing Frenchman. Out went the distance runs and in came timed runs and bleep tests. Stretching was also introduced, including one session of stretching in a hotel ballroom prior to an away match against Blackburn Rovers.

Manure loss

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To all my Gooner brethren ,hurting and teased after THAT loss--we can remind Manure of their loss in the 1996 campaign when they shipped 6 goals against the TOONS!


Arsenal Supporters Trust Survey

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How the members of AST think Arsenal should go ahead:
Long 51 pages but interesting.

Goals aren't everything!

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Arsenal won the title in the 1937/38 season and somehow managed to score fewer goals during the campaign than Manchester City, who were relegated that same season!

Sour Sugar

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Alan Sugar is now most famous for his appearances on the television in the UK show The Apprentice, complete with his famous catchphrase: ‘You’re fired!’ However, he was once the chairman of Tottenham Hotspur.

While at White Hart Lane he discussed a new Arsenal signing with the press. ‘It’s total madness,’ he said, adding, ‘If Bergkamp thinks he’s going to set the world alight, he can forget it. He is a good player but he won’t be successful. Arsenal got him because they needed a bit of cosmetic marketing.’

Arsenal Medical Centre

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Best article I've read on the Med Centre. From Red Action.

10/11/11 - The Arsenal Medical Centre

Thanks to some strong campaigning from our friends at the Arsenal Supporters Trust the club have initiated a series of visits to the new state of the art medical facilities at London Colney.

Gilberto signs for Colchester!

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Readers may recall the story of the giant anteater who lived at London Zoo and was named Gilberto. The 120-cm (4-foot) long anteater earned his name when Arsenal supporter Peter Findlay won a competition to sponsor the animal.

Since then, in an exciting transfer move, Gilberto the anteater has moved from London to Colchester Zoo. It is hoped that he will one day father future generations of anteaters.