Your Chairman Speaks...

Hello, Good Evening & Welcome!

This place will be where LOCAL Gooners can read about what is happening LOCALLY with their great club.

We can all go to the blogs, match reports ad nauseam, this is for YOU, the SOUTH AFRICAN based Gooner.

You may not always agree with me & you will have your chance to speak, here, before I come round & smack you!

Just remember, little eyes will be here too so let's keep it clean please!


Michael Burke - Chairman, Arsenal SA


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When footballers pass the ball around several times and the crowd cheer each pass its taking the p.... It makes the opposing team feel unworthy. They run around like children trying to get the ball. When 20 passes end in a goal they are totally humiliated and shamed. They are embarrased. The kids at school mock the players kids. The supporters change clubs. Players request transfers. They are well and truely beaten. It's great.