Watford Home - Saturday 16:00 @ Brazenhead in Fourways, Leaping Frog Centre

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The interlull is over. Such a miserable time and we were only saved this time round by some hit and giggle cricket, but not really if you’re a SA supporter, where it seems like we do more of the giggle than the hit. So, it looks like a Windies vs Pommies final. Does that mean that SA came third overall? After my son commented on the SA v Sri Lanka game that it looked like we were on our way to victory in a meaningless game, I let him know that as an Arsenal supporter we should be used to such things. And so we find ourselves with 8 games to go over the next seven weeks, currently lying in third position, 11 points behind Leicester City and 6 behind Sp*rs with a game in hand on both of them. Even if we win all 8 games, will it make any difference? Leicester basically would need to drop 8 points in their final 7 games, so that would be 2 losses and a draw. They have to travel to Chelsea and MFU and they host West Ham so those three fixtures could satisfy the requirements, and we also know what a funny game football can be. History is littered with teams steaming ahead in the final straight, only to capsize in the final run in. Their other four games are three at home to Sot'on, Swansea and Everton and one away to Sunderland. It’s quite possible that they don’t pick up a single point from now on in, or they could pick up the maximum. Who the hell knows and what’s the point of worrying? All we can do is try and win all our games and hope that others fail – others being most importantly Sp*rs.

This means our first task comes this Saturday in the form of Watford at 4pm. A team we are all too familiar with for reasons best left alone. Hopefully there is the smell of revenge in the air and we can put right that which we so awfully got wrong three weeks earlier. Since that fateful day we have lost to Barcelona in a match that showed us getting back to a level we are more familiar with even though we still managed to concede three goals and then we won away to Everton with a spirited team display even though Everton hardly got out of the blocks and were really never a threat – still, we won that one, two goals to nil and found a new goal scorer and overall playmaker in Alex Iwobi.

News is that there were no injuries encountered by any Arsenal player over the interlull, which is becoming a welcome regular event these days. Quite a change from days of old! I really can’t see Arsene changing the team too much from that which he last put out. From the latest news on returnees from injury, there are no additional players available yet. This means that Cech, Ramsey, Flamini are all a week shy of returning and Wilshere and Rosicky are back in full training but not as close as the previous three with Santi and The Ox bring up the rear and probably being available for the last two or three matches of the season. So why change a winning formula? Hopefully Sanchez is not too tired from his exertions and travels, the same also goes for Gabriel – I thought his last game where he tamed Lukaku showed that he has it in him and that it’s just a matter of getting more game time in the Premier League.

As for our immediate League contenders, we see Leicester host Sot’on on Sunday. Sot’on came back nicely against Liverpool last time out, winning 3-2 after being 2-0 down. Their away form is pretty average having won, lost and drawn 5 games each. They drew 2-2 at home to Leicester earlier in the season.

Sp*rs have an interesting one on Saturday, playing away to Liverpool in the late game. The home fixture in October saw a 0-0 draw and I’d settle for that. I’d actually settle more for a 10-0 win to Liverpool but let’s not get carried away.

Citeh travel to Bournemouth and West Ham host Palace, both games starting at the same time as our game, whilst MFU host Everton on Sunday.

So, get out the red and white shirt, fill in your Superbru predictions, make your Fantasy League transfers and c’mon down to the Brazenhead and have yourselves some fun!