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Alex Iwobi scores. Source D Mirror.

Perhaps we should start thinking of Watford as “Watthef**khappenedthere?” Yet again we had the core of the “do we really need to play against this lot in the first half?” on show and, yet again, we were woeful. Rambo’s injury was possibly in our favour as he had a night-mareish 15 minutes with a deflection, a miss control and several wayward passes. In fairness to him, we decided against having a wall of any substance against a free kick and Gabriel’s throw in to him which led to the second was appallingly bad. Equally though, his jogging back to defend the mistake did not help our cause. At least Petr was doing his job.
With the players we had on the ground, soaked though it was, Watford really should have been dead and buried by half time; instead there we are 2-0 down and looking very lost in the forest with no compass.

Quite what was said in the dressing room at half time is unknown. Theo replaced Olly and for sure it had one hell of an effect. Young Alex in particular was creating havoc and was well rewarded when Alexis, for about the only time last night, put a cross accurately into his path and we got one back. Here we go! Carry on like this and we’ll get 6. But then that spark disappeared. Sure we were well on top but the zip that had been there went down a level. For certain, young Alex being moved inside to accommodate Lucas who came on straight after our goal, didn’t seem to help as he was half the threat that he had been. That’s no criticism of Lucas who has performed admirably and had the misfortune to hit the bar with a screamer, but it did seem odd for us to fix what wasn’t broke. By all means bring Lucas on but don’t change what was working so well. But then my knowledge of managing a squad is 4/5th of F.A. so what do I know?
I’ll wager good money though that complacency plays no part against Chel$ki . Let’s just hope that we can do a repeat of the 3-0. Keep the faith.