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It’s hardly fair to be a little hesitant in applauding a 4-0 away win but the same old problems emerged as per our last two away games. Why is it that it’s taking so long to get started? In all honesty for the first half hour or so Swansea dominated and but for a really good save from Petr, may have taken the lead. It was very much a case of “Oh Gawd, not again.” Eventually, we got it right and the goal maestro did his thing from close in. But, had he damaged himself in the build up.? For sure, he was asking to come off and was limping when he resumed to wait for the half time whistle. Oz, young Alex and Alexis all played a role in that goal and whilst it was a bit scruffy, it seemed to totally knock the Swans for six. Bar a penalty shout that looked stone cold, Mike Jones also brandishing a yellow card I thought for Kos, turned out to be a card for diving. Subsequent replays proved it to be a superb ref. decision. And that really was the end of the Swans as a force.
The second half was basically one way traffic but our goals all reminded me of billiard strokes, including Olly’s in the first half. Two in off white. Two white onto red for simple put aways. I was sorry for young Alex who created both of the in off white goals. He deserved a goal with his performance. And the back five deserved a clean sheet…Shkodran looking much happier with Kos beside him and Gabriel putting in a good defensive role.
Now for Watford, going through a bad spell at the moment. Let’s hope the lads don’t think that all they have to do is turn up. Then they’re turnips rather than turn uppers. Keep the faith