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Pic. Rambo putting up with Neanderthals. Source D Mail

Watching the ‘Pool Manu game it seemed that we took more out of ‘Pool than they took out of us. Given our record at Stoke, a 0-0 draw that could easily have been 3-3 but for both keepers who were really good, was no bad performance. But the third disappointment of the week, 4 points dropped then THE “signing” announced by “Bank Muamalat” …who the bloody hell is he and how did he slip under the radar? My excitement at another AW signing was somewhat sharply dashed when finding out that this was an Indonesian bank!

Another disappointment was the absence of the Oz, Alexis and Walcott, oops Theo was on the pitch, I think. As for the performance of the crowd words fail me. Likening them to Neanderthals seems a bit cruel to Neanderthals. In general the Stoke players were better than their crowd but seemed to get away with more than their fair share of fouls. Surely we earned one penalty?

But it was not to be; Campbell continued to impress and his pass to Olly which could have given us the lead but for Butland, was positively Ozilish. The Ox tried hard but is just not at his best bar one great shot equally well saved by Butland. Hopefully he’ll get a goal sometime in the future. Even if it’s a diversion off his backside.

Petr, despite being run close by Butland, was undoubtedly the MOM and cleared up several dangerous situations.

Next up, Chel$ki and surely we owe them a big payback?


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