Rodney Marsh

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The following is an amusing anecdote about Rodney Marsh. If you don't know who Rodney Marsh is, then google him, however he was an England footballer with no small amount of skill who used to play for Fulham, QPR, Man City, Tampa Bay Rowdies and eventually ended up back at Fulham with George Best. The pair of them had a reputation for being bad boys off the park and highly skillful players on. If you don't know who George Best is then stop reading now! Whether this story is true, ask Rodney.

Rod was playing a match one day and was having a bit of trouble with an opposition defender who was taking liberties which the ref kept on missing. Rod's frustration levels with the ref rose to a point where he approached the ref and said "Hey ref, what would you do if I called you a f*$&ing a$$hole?" to which the ref replied "Well Mr Marsh, I would have to send you off". The game continued with the same offences being made which the ref continued to ignore. "Hey ref" piped up our Rodney once again "what would you do if I THOUGHT you were a f*$&ing a$$hole?" to which the ref replied "There's not a lot I can do if you are only thinking it Mr Marsh". Towards the end of the game, things got too much. The defender was having it his own way and Rodney was getting frustrated as hell! Finally after another cynical tackle by the defender to which the ref once again ignored (it all sounds too much like an Arsenal game!!), Rodney approached the referee and shouted at the top of his voice "HEY REF, I THINK YOU ARE A F*$&ING A$$HOLE!!"