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Pic. Our one real highlight. Courtesy Arsenal FC

Maybe the team selected to start was designed with a view to pulling back a 4 goal deficit on Tuesday. If so, it wasn’t the brightest thing we could have done. Suffice to say that the first half was an embarrassment, even for old farts who’ve been there before and have postcards to prove it. I would have thought that the chance of 3 points was more important.
Particularly worrying is the pressure being put on young Alex, who seems to be a passenger these days yet remains as a starter. Any wonder that Lucas is p’d off? This malaise is now spreading to Hector and le Coq and it would have little surprise had all three been hooked at half time.
Mind you that doesn’t excuse our midfield. The old system of attack with 7 and defend with 8 seems to have gone by the board. Both Liverpool goals came from glaring spaces being left. At least the Ox was trying.
At last the entry of Alexis at half time (for le Coq) showed that we could play and we came close with a good header from Olly. Unfortunately the save went on top of the bar rather than under. But we did score when Danny latched on to a clever pass from Alexis and took the chance well.
At that stage a point looked more than attainable but substituting both Olly and Danny for Theo and Lucas left me with a more than hollow feeling. Poor young Alex was left on.
And of course, sod’s law had to come into the equation as a really promising attack was countered and a breakaway took them out of sight.
So we slip to 5th and bar a miracle we’ll slip out of the CL on Tuesday. But I do believe in miracles, so keep everything crossed. We are a far better side than recent results suggest.