Let's hope the pain makes us stronger

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Well that was shit 'eh? My head sank into my lap when I saw the ball bounce off Schez and into the path of Obafemi Martins. I'm not going to get into the blame game, it seemed as if it was just a miscommunication at the worst time ever. Oh but it hurt.

Many were saying before this game that Arsenal need to win something to know how to win, to start believing in themselves, to kick on to greater things. We all hoped that Sunday would have been the day that we won our first trophy in 6 years, the one which started the avalanche of trophies into our cabinet. Unfortunately it was not to be.

I had thought about this and it didn't make 100% sense to me. If we won the Carling Cup, that would satiate at least some of the hunger for success that the players have, knowing that at least they had one the Carling Cup. Maybe the huge disappointment of losing a final is what urges players on to succeed, what gives them more hunger for the glory of holding up a trophy.

Now if we had lost the Champion's League final, or the Premier league on the last day of the season I would no be feeling the same way, but let's be honest here, at least it was the Carling Cup that we lost, we have bigger fish to fry, and hopefully this loss has made our cooking oil a whole lot hotter.

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some of your blogs have images
note no capital letters exclamation marks
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I do not think the keeper is totally to blame for the goal.

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I agree, they both seemed to make a hash of it. Oh well, it was bound to happen to the Arsenal sometime!