Leicester Home - Sunday 14:00 @ Brazenhead in Fourways, Leaping Frog Centre

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What a weekend it’s going to be, or more to the point, what a Sunday. As I’m sure you must have realised by now, the top four teams play each other. Well the top two teams play the third and fourth teams to be more accurate. And, if last weekend didn’t underline a few facts about whether Leicester should be one of these teams, then it certainly raised questions as to whether Citeh should be. I don’t think we need be worried about the teams below fourth position as in fifth, MFU are six points behind with the next three teams each two points adrift from the team above them. It’s still not time to say that these games are champions determining games, but they will go a long way from a psychological perspective in determining who the real favourites are.

So let’s take each game and analyse what each of the three different results will mean. Starting with the Citeh v Sp*rs game, a second home loss in a row to a top four team will be pretty disastrous for Citeh. They currently sit six point behind the leader and this would force them even further back (between 7 to 9 points). Certainly not insurmountable, but with 12 games left to play, not an easy way of winning the title. The main problem with such a loss would be on the psychological front. Their loss to Leicester raised questions as to whether the impending departure of Pellegrini has sparked a loss of confidence, a ‘don’t care’ attitude and you’d have to worry as to whether they could seriously comeback from such a defeat. A win for Sp*rs would be just as disastrous, to mankind in general. Sp*rs are getting ahead of themselves and I must say, it’s pretty déjà vu when looking at their end of season antics in the past. Sp*rs generally flatter to deceive and it would be reckless of anyone to let a Sp*rs supporter have access to any floor of a building above the ground floor towards the last quarter of the season. They get all excited with what they see as the promise of European involvement the next season and then it all goes pear shaped. Last season they did manage fifth, and they’ll be expecting better this season, but considering they have not ended higher than Arsenal since Arsene took the helm, the best they can hope for is second, and I don’t think they’ll end higher than the Foxes. As to whether they can end above Citeh is really up to which of the two teams can hold their nerve the longest. I think this may be Sp*rs’ season and I would predict third spot for them. No one really wants a draw, and here I’m talking on behalf of these two teams as I’d be more than happy with one. This I think is the likely result and by the end of the season when Sp*rs meet Newcastle in their last game, I cannot see us looking over our shoulder believing that a 1-1 scoreline will confirm our place in Europe!

The other top game is of course Arsenal against Leicester, and let it be said that Leicester showed their credentials last weekend. I thought Citeh were pretty dreadful, but there again I think that we have been looking pretty dreadful recently as well. We got the points last weekend but apart from a 90 second burst, there wasn’t a great deal to shout about. I still feel that Flamini is probably the reason why we are not cleaning the board with a lot of these teams, but I also feel that we are missing Santi more than we realise. Bottom line for me is that until we have Santi and le Coq back in the team on a full time basis, we’re going to struggle. Obviously we’re all rooting for a win and we obviously know that we can do it considering we won 5-2 at the King Power stadium earlier in the season but can we do it again? Leicester seemed to play with no fear last weekend and if they approach the Arsenal match with the same attitude then things could get interesting. However, a victory for Arsenal would be a huge boost and would put us two points behind them and possible sole possession of second position. There is no reason why this cannot happen. If we lose, then Leicester will be eight points ahead of us and the very fact that they beat both Citeh and ourselves would mean that they would surely be outright favourites to maintain that position to the end of the season. A lot has been said of the number of games each team has to play going forward and Leicester have the least of all four, with no Europe and no FA Cup. Looking at their fixtures, their only concerns would be their away games to MFU and Chelski. Things are really looking positive for them. Arsenal still need to travel to Sp*rs, MFU, West Ham and Citeh. Spurs need to travel to West Ham, Liverpool, Stoke and Chelski and Citeh to Liverpool and Chelski. Based on these fixtures, I’m sure Leicester would even be happy to come away with a draw.

So that’s how I see it. An Arsenal win would make things easier but Leicester will still be in pole position with the easier run in of all teams. Whichever of these four teams win the title, they will have deserved it and with twelve games to go it’s just too early to call.

This Sunday is Valentine’s Day and all things red are good (nudge, nudge, wink, wink). We have booked out the deck at the Brazenhead and thus we will have exclusive rights to this area. It’s a 2pm kick-off with the Citeh v Sp*rs game starting 4 ¼ hrs later so why not make an afternoon of it and c’mon down and have some fun.