How to get points and badges

How to get points:

What you have to do How many points you will get

Updating your status

1 point
(max 3 per day)

Commenting on a post

1 points
(max 5 points on each post)

Posting in a forum

1 point
(max 5 points on each forum post)

Voting on posts

1 point
(max 5 points a day from voting)

Positive vote on your post 

1 points per positive vote
(Official Members Only)

Negative vote on your post

-1 point per negative vote
(Official Members Only)

Posting an image

5 points

Posting a joke

5 points

Posting a transfer rumour

5 points

Posting a video

5 points

Posting a blog

15 points


How many points you'll need to get badges:

Name Image Points needed
Private First Class sites/default/files/badges/50px-USMC-E2.png 50
Lance Corporal sites/default/files/badges/50px-USMC-E3.png 100
Corporal sites/default/files/badges/50px-USMC-E4.png 200
Sergeant sites/default/files/badges/50px-USMC-E5.png 300
Staff Sergeant sites/default/files/badges/50px-USMC-E6.png 400
Gunnery Sergeant sites/default/files/badges/50px-USMC-E7.png 500
Master Sergeant sites/default/files/badges/50px-USMC-E8-MSG.png 600
First Sergeant sites/default/files/badges/50px-USMC-E8-1SG.png 800
Master Gunnery Sergeant sites/default/files/badges/50px-USMC-E9-MGyS.png 1000
Sergeant Major sites/default/files/badges/50px-USMC-E9-SGM.png 1500
Sergeant Major of the Gunners sites/default/files/badges/50px-USMC-E9-SGMMC.png 2000
Second Lieutenant sites/default/files/badges/22px-US-OF1B.png 2500
First Lieutenant sites/default/files/badges/22px-US-OF1A.png 3000
Captain sites/default/files/badges/60px-US-O3_insignia.png 3500
Major sites/default/files/badges/60px-US-O4_insignia.png 4000
Lieutenant Colonel sites/default/files/badges/60px-US-O5_insignia.png 4500
Colonel sites/default/files/badges/70px-US-O6_insignia.png 5000
Brigadier General sites/default/files/badges/35px-US-O7_insignia.png 7500
Major General sites/default/files/badges/65px-US-O8_insignia.png 10000
Lieutenant General sites/default/files/badges/100px-US-O9_insignia.png 15000
General sites/default/files/badges/135px-US-O10_insignia.png 20000