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Of the 19 managers Arsenal have had during its history, five have been called George: George Elcoat, George Morrell, George Allison, George Swindin and George Graham. This means that if you have managed the club, you have a 26.3 per cent chance of being called George. Additionally, the trainer of the 1914/15 side was called George Hardy.

Two of the managers named George (Messrs Swindin and Graham) also played for Arsenal. As well as these two, there have been a number of other Georges in Arsenal’s playing history including: George Grant (1911-14), George Ford (1912-15), George Male (1930-48), George Eastham (1960-66), George Armstrong (1961-77), George Johnston (1967-69), Charlie George (1969-75) and George Wood (1980-83)


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