England Norway

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Danny W creates a problem.  Pic courtesy of London 24


It’s rare for me to bother watching England play these days, but with four Gooners in the squad might it be worthwhile to have a look?  Only two in the team and reports of Danny W. injured in training (join Arsenal and get injured on England duty? Well there’s a surprise) whilst Calum was on the bench.

So a postponement of beauty sleep and settle down to see what transpires. Well, bugger me, it’s just like watching Arsenal! All the possession, nothing on target though in fairness there was one lovely move by the Liverpool lads that was nullified by a well timed block just as Sturridge shot. Pity that, it was a move that deserved a shot on target.

Jack was performing well…seemingly passing at a faster rate than for Arsenal and linked up well with Sterling (who was effective) and Rooney (who was not). Ox on the other hand seemed a bit subdued.

When both were substituted following Rooney’s well taken penalty, about the only thing he did right all night, I thought of bed…but on came Danny W. So much for the injury. He looked very sharp and came close to increasing England’s lead. And, with very few minutes left, on came Calum to add a bit of class to a defence that had required Joe Hart to save them on a couple of occasions.

All in all, a bit better than the World Cup performances, but, like Arsenal, a way to go before things start falling into place.