Eboue : Arsenal's most Underrated player .................??

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Versatile. Utility player. All rounder.

These are the words most of the Arsenal consortium use when referring to Emannuel Eboue. However, the word that suits the Ivorian best has another meaning entirely.

And that word is "Underrated." Eboue has been one of the unsung heroes at Arsenal for a long time. After being ridiculed by the Arsenal fans at the Emirates Stadium in the game against Wigan, Eboue was able to to change his fortunes and made a marvelous comeback like no other.

No one even entertained the thought of Eboue staying at Arsenal, let alone becoming a fan favorite (again). Eboue has shown that he has miles upon miles of heart, a never-say-die attitude, and a sense of humor Arsenal fans adore.

Eboue joined Arsenal in 2005 from Belgian side Beveren. He impressed the Arsenal scouts and was brought in by Wenger to become a right back cover for Lauren, and was expected to become the Arsenal first choice right back soon after.

Eboue became first choice right back, and was a fan favorite for his pace, great runs and his crosses, one of which was the cross he set up for RVP to score his wonder goal, Eboue was even given the Arsenal player of the month award in September of the 2006-07 season.

All was good for Eboue, and the fact that he was able to get used to playing in a league as physical as the EPL in no time was something to be admired.

However, Eboue's Arsenal career took a change for the worse when Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger signed Bacary Sagna for the 2007-08 season, Sagna was chosen as the first choice Right Back, and Wenger changed his role from right back to midfielder, even winger when the situation required.

Eboue had a hard time adjusting to his new position, and had one of the worst seasons in his career and the worst in an Arsenal shirt. He was not able to make the same impact from the midfield as he used to from the right back position.

Despite having shown some good performances that season, most notable was against Slavia Prague, Eboue wasn't one of the favorites in the 2007-08 season, with the emergence of Sagna, Adebayour and Clichy as firm fan favorites at the time. He was no longer the same player the fans adored.

Little was known regarding the future, but Eboue probably had no idea that before things would get better for him, they would only get worse.

The 2008-09 season started reasonably well for Eboue, and it was evident that Eboue was starting to get comfortable playing in the midfield. However, Eboue got injured, and was out for weeks, and made his comeback against Wigan Athletic at the Emirates Stadium.

Eboue came off the bench against Wigan and had a miserable afternoon, only to be replaced again after an hour, this led the fans to make sardonic cheers the moment he was being substituted, a while later Eboue was sent off in the North London derby after immoraly tackling Luka Modric, many critics defined that period as "the lowest point of his career."

With time, Eboue's deplorable performances against Wigan and Spurs started to diminish, as the player did his darnedest to turn things around. Eboue was even able to score a few goals throughout the 2008-09 season, and the fans started to like the Ivorian once again.

As the end of the season edged even closer, it was believed that Eboue would leave Arsenal. With the departure of Adebayour and Toure, Eboue saw his best friends leave. His exit from the club seemed a certainty.

It was even reported in sports websites and newspapers that Eboue had already agreed to join Fiorentina. However Eboue stayed with Arsenal and remained for the 2009-10 season.

Eboue had one of his best seasons with Arsenal, and was able to silence his critics, the fans that doubted him, and even his own doubts.

Eboue had once again become a firm fan favorite, the fans even cheer his name in good humor and yell "Ebooooooue," refering to the booing incident against Wigan, and how he was able to impressively put it behind him. Some fans on facebook.com even created a humor group in Eboue's honor called "F**k Messi, we have Eboue." They have made humorous comments such as, "Eboue is not a man, Eboue is a religion."

Eboue was able to add many offensive qualities to his arsenal of skills, and has turned from pacey right back to a versatile and tireless worker that gives 100 percent to the team. He's been able to make it from the lowest lows to the highest high of his career, and has shown a resolute stance when everyone doubted his talents. Eboue has transformed from an egregious player to a magnificent one.

His aptness, well-timed runs, vision, dribbling skills, sense of humor, and the occasional dive have defined the unique character that is Eboue. Resembling normal people and known for being humble, it's safe to say that there's a little Eboue in everyone of us...then again, maybe not.

From fan favorite to villain to fan favorite once more, Wenger must watch Eboue's game, his contribution, and most of all his commitment, and come to the realization of a very important matter.

Keeping Eboue is a must.

Carl Klue
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I also agree - Dr Who is

I also agree - Dr Who is superb. When he was booed off the field not so long ago he came back in style, and better imho.

The consensus on him being a starting 11 player vs impact sub (he does cause havoc when coming in late with his diagonal runs) is still out.

Regardless, he's a Gunner!

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Eboue is definitely one of my

Eboue is definitely one of my favourite gunners!

great little piece Richard!

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I love him

I love Emannuel "Goal Machine" Eboue, as his name was announced by the PA announcer when he scored 2 goals in one match a couple of seasons ago.