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Pic To me a definite foul. Elbow caught Bellerin prior to header. Source D Mirror

Well the good news was that we didn’t start off slowly and looked promising for 10 minutes. Indeed a few chances created and we looked more than equipped to give them a game…. until …some not very good defending with three or four players ball watching, to me a clear foul, and, the loss of one of our potentially best players and a goal down. Gabriel had to replace Hector. Holy shit, did we need that? The effect on the side was immediate and horrific. Chel$ki became faster into space and breakdowns, of which there were many, and we went back to looking like they did against us back in September. i.e. like recent Arsenal displays in the first half. But at least we survived and had a couple of attempts. The best of which was well saved by their keeper.
What words were spoken at half time didn’t work. If anything, we were worse. Only the Ox was performing well but those around him just didn’t seem up for the fight. It was a bit like a bull fight. Picadors and matadors goading the bull to get ready for the matador’s thrust. Hazard provided the thrust. That he should have been brought down when only half way to goal was incidental. He wasn’t and got them 2-0 up. To add insult to injury, Cech seemed to say that they deserved another goal and gifted Cesc Fabregas another. That was the nadir.
By then, Olly and Danny had come on and Olly managed to net a consolation. Not that it was much consolation. Hopefully that may arrive with Hull up next. Methinks we might do better if we “rested”, dropped actually, established stars such as Oz, Alexis and Petr to teach them that they have to earn their money.