Carling Cup Final

Well, I don’t know about you lot but I had a crap Monday! Stunned. Couldn’t think of anything else apart how we blew that! What a nightmare. ‘Phone. was off & I didn’t care about anything else! Went all Shankly, (look him up!), with the “life & death, no, more important than that.” Dash of Hornby to anyone who told me “never mind, it’s only a game!” Don’t they understand. Would I feel like this if it was JUST a Game!

Anyway, great atmosphere, well, until the 89 th minute! We were packed in, on both sides! Well done. Fantastic turnout. Yes, the waiters were caught out with the numbers, but, everyone got fed & served drinks, eventually!

The new shop items tickled some fancies as well. If you want any Arsenal DVD’s, please let us know so we can get them ordered. When the cards finally arrive, June 2024 at the last guess, people with them will be given first refusal on seats etc. Too many people turned up at K.O. & assumed they could just walk in & sit down! You were warned & on more than one occasion.

Well, bring on The O’s……………………………………


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Great turnout.. It would have been fantastic if we had won, better than the Barca game when I left at about 2:30am.

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Well, that would explain why work was a bit, erm, "harder to complete" the next day!