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Pic. Theo gets us going. Source D Mirror

At last we saw what the lads can do once they motivate themselves. I was so proud of them last night and thought that maybe the miracle we all hoped for might be possible.
Possibly Theo’s goal should have been accompanied by a couple more, even if they wouldn’t have been as sparkling as his, but 1-0 up and looking really good was balm for the recent hurts.
Maybe we should also have had a penalty but to go in at half time with heads held high was great. Could we sustain it?
Yes was the answer and Bayern were starting to draw on some of the dark arts as they frantically tried to keep us out. And then, almost as though it had been ordered by Mike Riley, one of the most outlandish decisions I’ve had the misfortune of seeing slapped down all the effort and skill. A very soft penalty and to rub salt into the wound, a yellow card for Kos which was turned into a red thanks to interference from the moronic goal line assistant. That’s the first time I’ve seen one of these clowns playing any sort of a role.
I defy anyone to recover from a blow like that, so it was no surprise that Bayern then started playing keep ball. The other four goals after that to my mind, were inconsequential. Our collective hearts were broken.
If we play half as well on Saturday, at least we’ll see Wembley always assuming that our bête noir, Taylor, does not decide to make a bad week worse.
Keep the faith guys’n’girls. Despite everything we’re still Gooners.