Bankrupt Barcelona

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I find it extremely difficult to believe that Barca will go on insulting The Arsenal and Fab by making such pathetic offers.'The worlds best club" almost bankrupt?No funds for a decent offer for Fab.Please explain how they will foot their wage bill in the near future!

Not too many players sold to repay debts.Strange,very strange.

Smells like dirty socks or money laundering.

Where will the money come from?Bank loans? Underworld  financing? Or perhaps striking it lucky at the lotto. It is high time that Fifa demanded clubs declare the source of their income streams.Show us a bank which will continue financing a team with such poor skills at financial  management..(WE COULD ALL DO WITH A LOAN  NOW AND AGAIN).

Mr.Sandro Roselli aught to be brought up for player tapping if reports that he is asking Cesc to stay calm are true..Again Barca may be good on-field ,but their off-field shennanigans leave much to be desired.

The old adage that 'hard work and honesty bring success "will always hold true.

Barca's hard work on the pitch has given them a modicum of success ,and we should enjoy their football.

However i find it hard to see this success continuing  for much longer due to their  lack of honesty in the Fab saga.If  this attitude pertains to this transfer deal--we know of it because of  a barrage of publicity--then who is not to say that this is the way most of their deals are concluded.

What of Cesc? A young boy who left home a tad too soon,and perhaps a little immature.The world lay at his feet.The same feet which he found at Arsenal .The same Arsenal  which polished him into a gem and a star footballer.

He, like all professional footballers,inhabit the stratosphere, and can be forgiven if they are out of touch with reality and find it difficult to sift the wheat from the chaff  during the horse trading season.

However his advisors ,who probably earn a king's ransom , have not given him the best advice.

They have allowed a skilled ,world-class footballer to have his feelings trampled upon.They seem to have pushed him into a state of depression (when last did you see Cesc genuinely smile?).

Surely they could see this coming,then why on earth did they allow him to extend his contract?

Mr.Fabregas,you could do yourself  a world of good by firing your advisors.Perhaps sit down with Mr.Wenger and ask him to help plot your future career path.He will no doubt offer you good advice.


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profound words from the wise Navin. dont want to spoil it by repeating your words... nice writing is all i can say