Back to the basics!

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Why do we get up and need to shun our Arsenal kit for a working shirt? Why do we drive down to a place with a bit of atmosphere when the Arsenal are playing?

Passion! That is why I do it! I love this club! I love this sport!

I understand that now-a-days football is more about business decisions and politics than it was in the 'good old days'. Just reading an article on on how a meeting at a gas station bringing one of Arsenal's greats to the club, Read it for yourself.

I spent my the whole of last year, 2012, managing a sports club at Wits University. Ok it wasn't a multi-million pound, world renowned enterprise, but I learnt a great deal of the pressure that goes on behind the scenes. Why??? Why do we allow such petty 'rubbish' , for lack of a better word, get involved in the beautiful game. I still walked onto the pitch every Sunday with butterflies in my stomach wanting, for all I was worth, to perform as a player, as well as set an example as a 'figure head'.

Through my career, my naivety made me think it was to suppress my need for competition, to test myself against better sportsmen. I quickly found that I wasn't trying to impress myself or the coach. I was working my backside off, in and out of training times, for my team mates. After every practice and match we didn't just nod and turn our separate ways. I discovered that I enjoyed my sport more because of the sense of family.

There was no money involved, our payment for slaving for hour upon hour was cracking that drink with the mates after. Only in my last year at Wits and my year of Managing this club did I actually see the Passion for the badge in line with my love for the game and love for my family. How did it take 5 years for me to take that passion and align it with the actual club?

Ok enough digging off the beaten track. To my point.

I get the feeling it is the same for these Premier League, nay, professional football clubs. Its all about the pay slip. There are a few players still around today who play for their Passion for the game, and with that, a love for the team that made them who they are. Some names that spring to mind, Ryan Giggs, Paul Schoals, Steven Gerrard, Jamie Carrigher, etc.

Have we, the fans of football, destroyed the fundamental importance of sport for these players, and therefore ourselves. By our thoughts of victory (silverware), clubs have been forced to seek better players away from home. By bringing these players in we have raised the worth of their skills, growing their egos. By money being a players show of worth, we have sent the football economy out of control. These guys are not staying with one team long enough to grow genuine passion for the badge. Yes it is the players choice whether to leave or stay, but the decision comes down to the need of self preservation. In all honesty none of these guys could live long enough to spend what they're earning.

PASSION! Footballers... Sorry, the majority of footballers lack it! The fans, all of us, have more than enough to share ten-fold.

My statement is now... All our players are so busy flowing through pin-point accurate strategy and the need for that 'worth' that their genuine enjoyment of the game has been left wanting. You hear it from commentators often when a team is two nil up, 'Now these lads can start enjoying themselves'. Really?

I would never say to my kids, one day, 'right you are going to play until you've won and then enjoy yourself.' It cannot work that way.

Now that I realize that this blog entry is just a rant I have with myself often, I feel no better! Thank you for bearing with me if you have read this far. I just hope that in a 'Fans Game' like Arsenal v Liverpool in the League up coming, The Arsenal can come out and show the skill, gel, enjoyment and passion for themselves, their teammates, their game, their manager and of course their fans that can be achieved. By finding Harmony... The Arsenal will claim Victory!

Victoria Concordia Crescit!


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Lotus Elan when I got my cheque for essay writer this - 5 weeks past and over ten-grand this past-month.

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Appreciate the feedback guys!

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Awesome blog Shane! I agree with you, we need more passion back in our game, and probably in our team these days as well!

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Brilliant piece, so sad that money seems to rule everything these days. and you are right, only the supporters have passion for their teams. My son is in tears basically every weekend when we lose, that is passion!!!!!

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You're so son is a Whammer!! BUT, his son a Gooner through and through. Nice kid as well...allowed Dad to go to bed when it was 4-1.

PS Nice article. I do hope that a name missing from your Giggs/Scholes/Gerrard and Carragher list was Jack Wilshere.