Aston Villa Cup Final

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“So our league season ended not with a whimper but a bang,” was my thought last week. Badly put. The win over WBA merely gave out a ‘bubble wrap’ pop. This was the BANG.

After the mid-week joys of all the FIFA news (well nearly all what with Septic Bladder getting re-elected), waking on Saturday morning with strange feelings of butterflies in the stomach about the coming game was more than a bit off-putting.

They were still there at kick off and believe me, I really was worried. After 35 minutes the bloody flutter byes had transformed into crows. We were playing so well but what with Given and so many goalward bound shots blocked, it was another Swansea on the cards? And then relief… a stunner from Theo with his normally unused left peg after Alexis had bravely nodded the ball back. Ooh, the relief.

With Ches reinstated (he really did deserve that I feel) and the excellent PerKos and Le Coq as calm as could be, there were to be no real panics. Hector and Nacho were so solid they really didn’t need help from either flank so Aaron, Santi and Mesut were able to find space at will and kept Villa penned back for virtually the entire half. Theo (more than justifying his selection ahead of Olly) and Alexis were creating havoc with their speed and movement on and off the ball. But, at half time it was still only a goal up and we all know how good we are at letting leads slip.

No worries. Not only did we turn up the pressure but made Villa look rather amateurish (they somehow managed to get 5 yellow cards during the game) and when Alexis drilled the best Cup Final goal of this century to put us two ahead, it was definitely time to start relaxing. Per’s simple header for our third was the call to open the Merlot.

But hang about. This is Arsenal. Isn’t a bit unfair to wallop the opposition like this on such a special day? They can’t score themselves so maybe a penalty or two to make a game of it?

Many years ago, I learnt that it was not wise to criticize a ref for decisions that went in your favour. Thus I will not criticize Mr Moss. But I think he was wrong, much as Chez must have enjoyed keeping the clean sheet.

Theo, Mesut and Alexis were subbed to well deserved applause; Jack, Ox and Olly came on and Olly discovered the best way of curing a goal drought when he flicked in the Ox’s cross in the last second of the game.

What a performance. Our best ever Cup Final score and for all those I’ve seen, our best ever final performance. And for those who’ve been calling for AW’s head for years, bow your heads in shame.

Here’s to the coming two months of transfer speculation garbage…believe it when confirm a signing. Otherwise enjoy another re-run on the box.


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We gave Villa a good hiding...