Arsenals Trophies will come and maybe even sooner than everyone thinks.

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Every season people write us Gunners off from winning the title and trophies. People forget how Consistant Competitive Creative Arsenal have been over the last Decade. I personally believe we have the Perfect Coach & Manager in Arsene Wenger. This genius knows what he is doing. We would not have a Superb world class stadium and world class players we have today if it were not for Wenger. "IN WENGER I TRUST" Honestly who else will run a Debt free club and be as consistant as he has? If you look at the Top 5 Clubs in the world you will see they all in huge debt... Real Madrid, Man Utd, AC Milan even Barcelona. Remember Wenger has done this all without winning a trophy in 6 years. If Man Utd or Barcelona did not win any trophies in this period they would be in even Deeper dept or even bankrupt... In the transfer market I know Wenger buys quality. We bought Nasri, Chamack who a calssy players, watch Chamack perform next season for us... We also signed 2 of the most talked about and wanted playing youngsters in Ryo Miyachi and Wellington Silva. They never got work permits so we had to loan them out to european clubs. Ryo look to be the next best Star with people describing him as a mix of christiano ronaldo and wayne rooney, and wellington silva as the next roberto carlos. If we can get these players in then we would be a much more attacking threat for opposition with great options all round. These are players that we have already signed. Instead of giving a new manager money to buy playere let give it to Wenger, he has never spent more than 20 million in a transfer window so I believe that Arsenal must give Wenger a spending kitty of 50 Million pounds. With this money we can get the following: An experienced world class keeper like Steklenberg from Ajax, A towering strong Centre back like Mertesacker from Shalke, Metzelder from Werder Bremen, and a world class striker like Benzema from Real Madrid to play with RVP & Chamack... Then we will be even more TRIPLE CCC Competitive, Consistant and Creative squad. These transfer deals are not impossible to do. If Wenger can do this then Arsenal will be Winning trophies every year for the next decade. I am a True Gunner Supporter and a relaist and I believe we will still win the title this year. Arsenal have the Manager, Players, Supporters to do it... "IN WENGER WE TRUST"


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i tend to agree and say he is a brilliant mastermind alot of people forget that he started the invencible and i bet you he can do it again