Arsenal boss to sell 6 stars to help build £40m transfer fund

1 vote states that the following players will be sold

they are  Denilson,Eboue,Glichy,Almunia,Bendtner and Squillaci.


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Good idea to get rid of the dead wood, plus as newell terry says sell Fabregas, for now we could have Nasri in the centre of midfield, as it is I think he is wasted on the flank!

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He need only sell Fabregas to collect about £40m . . . . It's pretty obvious that Fabregas's heart is no longer with Arsenal. Sell him before his value decreases.

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This will take a whole new discussion if you sell Glichy he will have to call on Traore still what about Gibbs, can we really afford to be without Glichy?