About Us

The Arsenal Supporters Club of South Africa has been in existence since the early 90’s when it was started by the legendary Arsenal player George Eastham.

In the days prior to satellite TV, Arsenal fans would meet on a regular basis to watch recorded games sent out from the UK and to pour over faxes containing the latest news concerning the Gunners.

Then when the first satellite dishes started appearing, the games were often watched in a foreign language and invariably not live.

The club has grown from a handful of members to a membership which often tops 500 people. We have also been officially recognised by Arsenal in the UK as a supporters club and we are now known as Arsenal South Africa.

The club now meets for every live Arsenal game at our current venue, Thanks to DSTV almost all our games are now shown live. In fact South Africa gets far more live football than the U.K.


Banking Details

Our banking details can be found here.