Chairman's Chirps

Carling Cup Final

Well, I don’t know about you lot but I had a crap Monday! Stunned. Couldn’t think of anything else apart how we blew that! What a nightmare. ‘Phone. was off & I didn’t care about anything else! Went all Shankly, (look him up!), with the “life & death, no, more important than that.” Dash of Hornby to anyone who told me “never mind, it’s only a game!” Don’t they understand. Would I feel like this if it was JUST a Game!


Hello Local Gooners!

Well, another Sunday lunch spoilt!  As I've written here before, this blog isn't to discuss the game, there are plenty of places where one can do that ad nauseam, but the atmosphere & craic in the local venue.

Your Chairman Speaks...

Hello, Good Evening & Welcome!

This place will be where LOCAL Gooners can read about what is happening LOCALLY with their great club.

We can all go to the blogs, match reports ad nauseam, this is for YOU, the SOUTH AFRICAN based Gooner.

You may not always agree with me & you will have your chance to speak, here, before I come round & smack you!

Just remember, little eyes will be here too so let's keep it clean please!


Michael Burke - Chairman, Arsenal SA