Young Blood

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I think anyone who has followed football - especially in England - over the last couple of years will at some stage have gotten worried at the lack of local talent on show. The enormous amounts of money available to clubs these days has made it easy to buy talent from other countries - it's like buying a ready to eat chicken from Pick n Pay (you don't need to put in any effort other than making it fit your dinner table once you get home).

Arsenal's first team can win the Premier League

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While some of the recent results in the cup competitions have made many an Arsenal fan think twice about the chances of us winning anything this season, when our first team have started in the league matches, we have seen how we may just have a chance to do so.

Wenger said not to be spending in the New Year

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So AW has said he is happy with the squad we have currently. I do tend to agree in that we don't want to become like City, Real Madrid or Barca where we have so many names and not enough places to play them. Man City's recent player mutiny is the perfect example of that strategies side effects.

Top of the league!!!

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Top of the league! I can definitely say that the way I have felt about our chances this season during parts of this last month, it does seem quite strange that we are on top of the Premier League table today.


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Not as pretty, but I don't mind much at the moment.

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In the past few weeks Arsenal haven't been playing the fluid game that we have been so used to seeing from them over the past few years, but they have managed to get a few results which in years past may have gone the other way.

Our performances against West Ham, Wolves, and Everton have been more grit and determination than style and flair, and whilst we lost at home to Newcastle, and away to Shaktar, I am starting to feel more confident about the facing the "lesser" teams, the ones that often try to frustrate and deny the way we normally play our game.

Both the Gunners and Spurs suffer poor Officials in the League... SOS!!!

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Ok so the Gunners didn't play the amazing passing football we have all grown to know and love. However, it doesn't help our game when we have players being taken out left, right and centre.

Samir Nasri... Our top star!!!

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I'm not sure everyone else in the club, nor any Arsenal fans for that matter, would agree, but a player that has stood out above the rest in the past few weeks is our own, simply amazing SAMIR NASRI!!!

AW has spoken today about Samir's master class and the last two games have proved a long-time ideal of mine. Samir joined the Gunners in July '08. He immediately made an impression. But there was always a better player than him according to fans.

A timely lesson in class before the Man City Game

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As we bear down an our impending clash with Man City at Eastlands on Sunday, we were gifted with the perfect scene just prior to this.
On Tuesday night the mighty gunners played the unstoppable Shakhtar Donetsk and in so doing this would come up against the former Gunner Eduardo Da Silva.

arsenal injuries--blog of 08-09-10 refers

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I had raised some points about our injuries over the last few seasons,and interestingly these are now being raised by other commentators --on sky sports.

also noted a large number of training  ground injuries.---overtraining.

it will be interesting if this riddle can be solved.

perhaps Prof.Tim Noakes can be consulted---anyone know mr .Wengers email so we can forward this to him.

i wonder if Mr.Lewin senior leaving us and going to the England team has had an impact.

It makes one wonder.