£25 Million Question!!

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Is this man on his way to Arsenal???????????????????

Real Madrid striker linked to an Arsenal move in the summer.

Arsene Wenger my Lord and Master

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It's payback time!

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Your long suffering fans deserve a break in todays game.

We believe in you.....

Trust you....

Love you...

Do us proud

Gooner for life.

Arsenal fighting spirit!

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Believe in yourselves......believe in your fans.......keep it tight....we can do it!!

On the edge of greatness... or falling off?

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So as we Gooners wake up this morning and get ourselves tucked into our busy day ahead, we have some butterflies and nerves eating away in our stomachs, we do not expect much tonight besides a battle, a battle of enormous proportions, Barca at Barca with a slight lead, with a few key players missing, a nice surprise about our boy RVP, we Arsenal fans hardly ever get good news with regard to our injured players. I mean look at Tommy From-Ireland, 4 days out and we haven't seen him since. So we take this as a sign of possibly something good to come.

This is my Blog and why its tough being an Arsenal Fan

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27th February Carling Cup Final

Not the lose that makes this one tough but rather in the manner it happened, kinda feels like a voodoo against us , we as a club do everything the right way , we give youth opportunities, we show our class by quietly going about our business in the transfer market (not that we do much of that ) , we have not sugar daddyd our club out , what i am saying here is we have been patient , we have been through hell and back as fans, when on earth will things go our way !!!!!!!!!

Let's hope the pain makes us stronger

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Well that was shit 'eh? My head sank into my lap when I saw the ball bounce off Schez and into the path of Obafemi Martins. I'm not going to get into the blame game, it seemed as if it was just a miscommunication at the worst time ever. Oh but it hurt.


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So we faced Stoke in our rescheduled fixture and hopes were high for a serious come back after our mildly disappointing FA Cup tie against Orient at the weekend. In the first few moments it definitely looked as though our prayers had been answered until Captain Fabtastic felt a niggle and decided to rather avoid any further issues, how considerate.

I believe in the Arsenal!

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If our defence can stand firm ..........we can win tonight.Go the Gunners....

Gooner for life!

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