Wenger disappoints every Arsenal fan

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So Arsene Wenger hasn't managed to get us a new goalkeeper this summer, and I am pretty pissed off. I don't think Almunia is the worst keeper in the league, but there are plenty better, and   to be a title contender we needed a new goalkeeper.

I am becoming more optimistic...

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I must say, although it's still early days, I am starting to feel a bit more optimistic for this season. Not because we beat an amateur side 6-0 at home, but because it seems as if Wenger is actually looking to address some of the defensive problems we have had over the past few seasons.

arsenal's profits

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we read often about the profit our club makes and we take pride in having perhaps the best run club in world is also about trophies!! maybe AW will use some of the funds to beef up the back four and a new goalkeeper whilst he is at it. i would hate to see us overrun again by the nouveau rich in blue and manic win against these teams will settle our team and we will be on the road to becoming the new invincibles in the not too distant future!

in the meantime lets get behind our lads and enjoy football that is sooo easy on the eye.

Is nothing sacred anymore?

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So it seems as if William Gallas has decided that the best way to end his Arsenal career off is by going down the lane to those dirty Spuds. I mean come on, are there no other clubs on this planet that would like an aging, slightly insane, French defender... besides us of course. 

The Season Begins!

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Welcome to the new season! I am not going to delve into a whole long season preview; all I will say is that to win the title we will need the following: A new keeper, at least 1 more defender, and to have some luck with injuries.

I’m sure that is the shortest, most accurate season preview you have ever read. It’s a pleasure.

First blog ever!!!

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Welcome to the new home of Arsenal South Africa! By now you would have noticed the new website, which has been developed by a incredibly talented and good looking young lad (me). Hopefully this website will be a bit of an improvement from the last website, which was designed around 7 years ago, and thus was starting to age slightly.