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Alex Song

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Mr.Song did not have such a good game this last Saturday. In fact if one were to look at the matches we've not played  well in this season one common denominator is "Alex having an off day".

Why harp on the negatives?

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The Arsenal has had to endure a torrid start to the season.

With every passing day and each difficult game ,the players heads dropped  lower and lower. We,the loyal fans,were confused and worried.Could our beloved team sink any lower.

Journalists everywhere became experts on predicting our demise as a  footballing superpower.

Bankrupt Barcelona

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I find it extremely difficult to believe that Barca will go on insulting The Arsenal and Fab by making such pathetic offers.'The worlds best club" almost bankrupt?No funds for a decent offer for Fab.Please explain how they will foot their wage bill in the near future!

Not too many players sold to repay debts.Strange,very strange.

arsenal injuries--blog of 08-09-10 refers

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I had raised some points about our injuries over the last few seasons,and interestingly these are now being raised by other commentators --on sky sports.

also noted a large number of training  ground injuries.---overtraining.

it will be interesting if this riddle can be solved.

perhaps Prof.Tim Noakes can be consulted---anyone know mr .Wengers email so we can forward this to him.

i wonder if Mr.Lewin senior leaving us and going to the England team has had an impact.

It makes one wonder.

Points to ponder

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  1. Arsenal sa  aught to have our own rating system after every match. It will be interesting how much we differ .(other countries can also do the same for their clubs).
  2. we need a live chat room to  discuss issues   and to have post match chats.(if legal and if possible)
  3. we are crawling forward--at last sczeny is on the team sheet.LET HIM PLAY.(how old is joe hart?). I hope AW has the cojones to give him a game.--considering the alternatives.

Mr.Wenger does not share wine with co-managers

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The frequent bashing of the Lord of the Emirates deserves a riposte.

One cannot force another to share a glass of wine with one if the other party does not wish to do so! Your team has just tried to kick us off the park so to expect us to thank you for it --you have got to be an assisine manager.

ENVY-this AW has come in on a shoe string budget  and given you guys an education in modernising your training methods.Neanderthals that you are ,you still cannot grasp that.

Lets look at some positives

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I've had time to digest the unfortunate weekend at Sunderland.Lets look at some positves:

Arsenal Injuries

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This problem of injuries is intriguing, some points:

AW changed training tactics upon his arrival. Before, the team had older players, and were perhaps less injury prone.

Are we training on facilities that are so good that when we play away we struggle to cope with substandard conditions?

Are we over training? Is there too much ball work?

The long runs improve cardiovascular fitness and strengthen joints and ligaments, as well as soft tissues. It follows then that if our regime lacks this then we are likly to get injuries.

arsenal's profits

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we read often about the profit our club makes and we take pride in having perhaps the best run club in world is also about trophies!! maybe AW will use some of the funds to beef up the back four and a new goalkeeper whilst he is at it. i would hate to see us overrun again by the nouveau rich in blue and manic win against these teams will settle our team and we will be on the road to becoming the new invincibles in the not too distant future!

in the meantime lets get behind our lads and enjoy football that is sooo easy on the eye.