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Back to the basics!

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Why do we get up and need to shun our Arsenal kit for a working shirt? Why do we drive down to a place with a bit of atmosphere when the Arsenal are playing?

Passion! That is why I do it! I love this club! I love this sport!

The Lad is Back!

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Jack the Lad played a nice full 90 minutes in a friendly against Chelsea! Along with a 90 minutes for Sagna!

Jack played an attacking midfield role, Santi????? 

Ok we lost that but according to that article Jack IS BACK! I feel like his return should be a monumental occasion... A heros welcome if you will... But FOR WHOM?

Ideas anyone?

The return of the much missed Jack the Lad

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My, my how we have missed this little power house...

The question is... Where will he play now that he's so close to returning to First team football?

Who will get the boot for him?

Will he retain a midfield role or will AW sort to use him elsewhere?

What do we think folks?


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So we faced Stoke in our rescheduled fixture and hopes were high for a serious come back after our mildly disappointing FA Cup tie against Orient at the weekend. In the first few moments it definitely looked as though our prayers had been answered until Captain Fabtastic felt a niggle and decided to rather avoid any further issues, how considerate.

Wenger said not to be spending in the New Year

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So AW has said he is happy with the squad we have currently. I do tend to agree in that we don't want to become like City, Real Madrid or Barca where we have so many names and not enough places to play them. Man City's recent player mutiny is the perfect example of that strategies side effects.

Both the Gunners and Spurs suffer poor Officials in the League... SOS!!!

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Ok so the Gunners didn't play the amazing passing football we have all grown to know and love. However, it doesn't help our game when we have players being taken out left, right and centre.

Samir Nasri... Our top star!!!

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I'm not sure everyone else in the club, nor any Arsenal fans for that matter, would agree, but a player that has stood out above the rest in the past few weeks is our own, simply amazing SAMIR NASRI!!!

AW has spoken today about Samir's master class and the last two games have proved a long-time ideal of mine. Samir joined the Gunners in July '08. He immediately made an impression. But there was always a better player than him according to fans.

Sounds like a broken record... At least its consistent, unlike the reffing!!!

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Well well well... What do you know... yet another relatively rubbish weekend for reffing... In our game against the Blues, Mike "Blind" Dean certainly made a few extremely bull-dust calls. Namely the two tackles on Sanga and Diaby, both studs-showing-crunchers. I believe that the reckless attack on Diaby should have warranted a card... At least yellow. Something in the back of my mind is telling me that clubs are trying to pick off our champs one by one. its the second time such a foul tackle has been bestowed on Abou and gone unnoticed.

Referees and linesmen!!! Or lack thereof!!!

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AW has literally served a ban for acting up on the sideline. He had to spend our glorious smashing of spurs in the directors box. We all know this and I don't believe one Gunner who agrees with it.

AW pointing out Stoke Bullies

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Stoke has struck back at AW for his allegations against the Stoke players. After Shawcross's late and greulling challenge on Ramsay which ended his last season, AW spoke out to call the tackles rugby-like. He then amped up the accusations at the same side after their bullying of the Spurs keeper, Gomez, in their last meeting.