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One hell of a shot on him

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Hope he can do this under pressure for us! Oxo-Chamberpot could overtake Robin. See

What Arsene did to Andre at half time

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Explains a lot!

Live screening for Bolton

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As the powers that be at DSTV/whoever supplies them appear to have decided that Aldershot v MFU is a more attractive game than Arsenal v Bolton (bloody barbarians), computer viewing is probably your only chance.

Barcelona and Cesc

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How to rub salt into the wound.

A Barcawanker admits that they got Cesc on the cheap and that he was worth all of the 60 million Euros we were asking.

Transfer Deadline Done

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At last, TDD is some 72 hours past; the rumour mill is done for 5 minutes at least and we can realistically see what’s what in the circus that is Arsenal at the moment.

Out/loaned went:

AW misunderstood

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Article lifted from  Aus’s Arsenalfc blog. Pic from Wiki

NB See when it was written!


EIE August 17, 2011 at 5:00 pm

Old thoughts resurrected

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So Cesc has finally gone. Like Paddy and Thierry, eventually the powers that be at Arsenal were worn down…and yet another Arsenal captain was let go for very much less than the going rate.

Because I'm a gooner...

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...and because I've only heard the fat lady croaking so far, I've had a dream. For those wishing to have a bet I have to warn you that my position in the Barclays Prediction League is 24746/220869 but that doesn't stop me dreaming! And I also want Blackpool to stay up.
Results over the next three weeks will be:
MFU 0 -Chel$ki 0
Stoke 1 Arsenal 3
Arsenal 5 Villa 0
Chel$ki 2 Newcastle 1
Blackburn 1 MFU 1
Fulham 0 Arsenal 2
Everton 1 Chel$ki 1
MFU 1 Blackpool 1

For the gloomers and doomers

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I was fascinated by this bit of information in Martin Tylers column on Sky Sports. How long have clubs gone without a trophy? 6 years may seem a long time, compared to the 16 year gap of 1953-69 where our beloved team won zero, zip,'s nothing. But how badly off are we really?