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An update of Santi's progress over 2012-13 via Arseblog. Lovely watching


Chez's save against QPR

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Couldn't find this save last it is courtesy of Poznan in my pants.

Memories are made of this

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These two would be nice to emulate in 2013!

Santi Clauses

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Our 7.00 a.m. Christmas Day presents. Of course the babies got into the pool easily enough, but now the fat bearded guy and Annie are on their way to help them out. Hopefully the pool net will be the answer!

Hugs to all Gooners



Visiting Istanbul?

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Gooner Tony Mann based in Thailand found the answer to all Gooner prayers when on holiday,  he found this hotel in Istanbul. Owner Mohammed is an avid fan. If you want details, mail me and I'll pass you Tony's contact details.

Clever old Arseblogger

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As Arseblog asks in his column today..."Remind you of anything?".  For the old 'uns, check out your 42 year old memory banks. For the not so old, be reminded that great football was played at Arsenal (well, sometimes) befor AW!

This one of the games on the way to our first double 1970-71

Just a great pic....

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....of Jack scoring his first goal in 2 years. Couldn't fit it into the match report but that skill deserves a further showing.

The cynics view of the Spuds

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Saw this in Goodplayer's column.

"You do sometimes wonder if Spurs exist to make us feel better about ourselves. Or perhaps they are a shadow, puppet organisation in fact run by the Arsenal board, with the express aim of always finishing that little bit beneath us. It would certainly explain where our money is."

Ouch :o)

Caught me beautifully

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Seen on Red London


Arsenal have launched a report to the Football Association over referee Mike Dean’s behaviour during half-time of Saturday’s match against Manchster United.

Fever Pitch gets Classic Status

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Pic. Autographed copy of the screenplay from my collection. Also autographed on the "Up for grabs now" page by Micky Thomas.


From today’s Independent. A couple of observations of mine in brackets