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We are not alone in the world of Goonerdom

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Gooners around the world celebrate our 12th win

How good are these?

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14 mins to relax? Memories are made of these. Spotted on Arseblog today

England Norway

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Danny W creates a problem.  Pic courtesy of London 24


It’s rare for me to bother watching England play these days, but with four Gooners in the squad might it be worthwhile to have a look?  Only two in the team and reports of Danny W. injured in training (join Arsenal and get injured on England duty? Well there’s a surprise) whilst Calum was on the bench.

Mind the gap!

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The tooth fairy will make it better!

AW's 999 game record

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Many complaints surface about AW’s record over the past 9 years.  How fair are they?

Look at these 2 links and it’s easily seen that instead of getting worse, he’s getting better!


Just like us yesterday...

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...falling on the arse. AW comes a second cropper of the day.

There, there, there

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Sad, ain't it?

Looking at the Wizard of Oz

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I'm not impressed by youtube highlights of players but made an exception when Arseblogger raved about this one;

If you have 25 minutes to spare, dream I'm sure Ollie, Theo and The Pod are currently doing.

Far East Tour

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No surprises as to the results....14 goals for and just the one against. But how's this for Gooner dedication? Found on  Arsenalinsider.

That must have been worth the run.

Here's to a great new season. Keep the faith.

Fair Play League

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Ain't it beautiful....even when we seem to have the steel back, the spuds finish looking up at us again! Proctologists all of them :o)  Sorry it's difficult to read...comes out perfectly on the preview.

To see it as it should be, go to