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He's all that we've got

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He's all that we've got!

He's all that we've got!

Robin Van Persie, he's all that we've got!

Me and Thierry

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While many Arsenal supporters in South Africa have had their allegiences passed down to them from their fathers, my story is a little different. I can actually thank boredom, and that fact that SABC 1 showed the Premier League highlights package on a Tuesday night when I was in High School.

Kroenke launches takeover of Arsenal FC

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Stan Kroenke has launched a takeover of Arsenal Football Club. He has increased his stake in the club from 29% to 60% after aquiring 15% for Lady Bracewell-Smith, and 15% from Danny Fizman. He is now obliged to launch a formal offer for all the other shares, and he has odne this by offering 11 750 pounds for each share.

What do Arsenal fans think of this?!!

Let's hope the pain makes us stronger

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Well that was shit 'eh? My head sank into my lap when I saw the ball bounce off Schez and into the path of Obafemi Martins. I'm not going to get into the blame game, it seemed as if it was just a miscommunication at the worst time ever. Oh but it hurt.

Arsenal's first team can win the Premier League

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While some of the recent results in the cup competitions have made many an Arsenal fan think twice about the chances of us winning anything this season, when our first team have started in the league matches, we have seen how we may just have a chance to do so.

Top of the league!!!

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Top of the league! I can definitely say that the way I have felt about our chances this season during parts of this last month, it does seem quite strange that we are on top of the Premier League table today.

Not as pretty, but I don't mind much at the moment.

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In the past few weeks Arsenal haven't been playing the fluid game that we have been so used to seeing from them over the past few years, but they have managed to get a few results which in years past may have gone the other way.

Our performances against West Ham, Wolves, and Everton have been more grit and determination than style and flair, and whilst we lost at home to Newcastle, and away to Shaktar, I am starting to feel more confident about the facing the "lesser" teams, the ones that often try to frustrate and deny the way we normally play our game.

Sometimes I feel as if Arsene is our Martyr

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Recently it seems as if everyone has something to say about Arsene Wenger. Why? I don't know why. Whether it's Tony Pulis, Fat Sam, Owen Coyle, or the hundreds of semi-retarded pundits which seem to feel that just because someone will publish what they say, it means they know what they are talking about.

This team is maturing, but are they going to be good enough this season?

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The nice thing about having a young team is that every season you can expect that the team will get a little bit better. More experience, added to the fact that the team has been playing with one another for a longer period of time, should all mean that the team as a whole should be better.

So what does this mean for our team this season? Let's look at it player by player:

Wenger disappoints every Arsenal fan

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So Arsene Wenger hasn't managed to get us a new goalkeeper this summer, and I am pretty pissed off. I don't think Almunia is the worst keeper in the league, but there are plenty better, and   to be a title contender we needed a new goalkeeper.